Her children complained about ghosts in the house. Then she discovered something terrifying…

Ghosts seem to terrify Leah McCaw’s children… but this young mother will soon discover an even more terrifying truth…

Leah McCawnative Liverpoolsaid her family life became unbearable when her three children began to complain about ” Boogie Man“. Equivalent to bogey with us.

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ghost upstairs

His children complained about the allegedly able-bodied man upstairs in houseThe 31-year-old mother explained that they were terrified after repeatedly believing ghosts upstairs.

Leah recalls one evening: “I went up to thestage After hearing my youngest daughter scream, I found it in tear pointing at his window room. I immediately pulled the curtain. but nothing The family’s mother tried to appease her increasingly frightened daughter.

ghost shadow

Next came his turn. youngest daughterMolly has a seizure. panic. One evening his mother heard him. scream after seeing ghost figure In the house. The mother of three revealed, ‘I tried to reassure her by telling her it was her. imagination playing a prank on him »

Unfortunately situation Worse, the child began to complain every day. They didn’t even dare to go upstairs.stage go to the bathroom

He dragged her to her room.

Months later when she was home alone. Leah heard sounds suspicious Upstairs, then she climbed up. Terrified, she discovered. man standing in his room The stranger drags the petrified Leah to her room by dropping a hand On his mouth, he told her not to shout. Fortunately, she was able to free herself from her. hold struggling and screaming The man fled first. policeman didn’t happen


neighbor’s son

Just a few weeks later that policeman some arrest Peter Hornby29 years old. Actually, this person is the son of a neighbor of Leah. Peter is famous ghost that slipped into him house Months. He was climbing onto a flat roof outside the youngest’s bedroom. daughter and can access house.

in June 2019 Peter Hornby was found guilty of rob and for the raid, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. prison.

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