This trip turned into a nightmare.

On March 26, 2022, Amandine Pellissard Alexandre and their children encountered a complicated situation after going out to the park. Highly featured on Instagram, the star of a large family, life in XXL has already made the news for them. Unfortunately, his tribe faced a “big problem”.

In July 2020, the audience got to know different tribes. In the four seasons of casting the leads of TF1, their goals remain the same. That is to reduce bias towards large families. Some candidates quickly stood out from the crowd. Amandine Pellissard It’s clearly part of it. The beautiful brunette known for her rant also knows how to showcase many lovely aspects of her personality.

show course Big family, life in XXL gave great visibility to the mother of eight children. In this respect, his number of followers skyrocketed on social networks. Like her colleagues on this TF1 project, Alexander’s wife has become an influencer connecting business partnerships and product placement.

In addition to this interesting business, Amandine Pellissard did not forget to share with her community on Instagram the latest, unfortunately, the young woman and her tribe. Anxious situation after a family outing.

The complete Pellissard family.
The complete Pellissard family. – ©instagram/ @famille.pellissard.tf1

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“Strong smell” that doesn’t bode well

It is true that life as a parent is not easy. On the contrary, being organized is important. However, this does not prevent you from being overwhelmed or keeping up with events. Amandine Pellissard and Alexandre know something about it. Big family, life in XXL can still see it They follow the frenzied daily life of a couple trying to Let the house float on the water like your grandchildren..

during filming product placement and family home management Sometimes parents of eight children need a short break. last saturday All the members of the Pellessard family made a decision. go out to the park to stop thinking about things and recharge your battery The influencer used to be so close to her community on Instagram that they had a great day at the start of the summer.

Only the last day turned into a nightmare, Amandine Pellissard explains first: “You see… it’s 7:15 p.m. now, we’re all out. Because when we got back from the park recently, we noticed the stench of gas.The family’s mother revealed that:

“(…) Groceries were delivered when we arrived home and I suddenly went to the stairs which went to the basement to put some stuff to turn on the washing machine. and I smell the strong gas In fact, we have a huge gas leak in the basement.”

gas leak in the house
gas leak in the house – ©instagram/ @famille.pellissard.tf1

Amandine Pellissard delivers heartwarming news

Especially active on Instagram, the family’s mother continues to tell. situation evolution at their home Alexander and his clan were outside for a long time. “We can’t go home. we are waiting for technicianDescribe TF1’s star. After notifying the owner, Amandine Pellissard and the rest of the group had to wait two hours. However, the situation eventually resolved.

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