Chris Rock spoke for the first time after Will. smith slaps oscar

Chris Rock comes out of silence after receiving a slap in the face during the 2022 Oscars ceremony. As a reminder, Will Smith takes the stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to see On him, the 57-year-old comedian finally spoke of this widely publicized event.

Unfortunately for Chris RockThis video will remain according to Jim. Carrie claims The Canadian actor must file a complaint on his behalf. However, Whoopi Goldberg, a member of the Academy of Oscar It is revealed that the clown will pass through the sponge. At least that’s his opinion right now. The on-stage incident on March 27, 2022 left him in astonishing silence.

Although Will Smith did his mea culpa, a number of US celebrities disagreed with this inappropriate gesture during Hollywood events. In fact, the actors first laughed at the jokes of the presenters. This was before the attitude changed upon seeing the wife’s reaction. Chada Pinkett. Shortly after the incident The man who played Serena and Venus’ father in the movie. Williams method It still won an Academy Award for Best Actor.

For his role, Chris Rock now wears the badge of a comedian making questionable jokes and getting a live slap. through Boston for a solo show.March 30, MC of program 94and The Oscars ceremony for the first time

Chris Rock continues to digest this shame.

Relatives of the comedian at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles spoke after the Oscars gala dinner. She explains that Chris Rock doesn’t know that. Chada Pinkett has hair loss and thinning hair problems.. If the presenter knows about this Will not be allowed to swing the valve on Will Smith’s shaved head. Unfortunately, he ventured on this steep slope and the consequences were immediate.

on stage at the Wilbur Theater in Boston for The “Ego Death World Tour” stand-up show, the 50-year-old finally broke the silence. In the recordings broadcast by Variety The American actor initially said he didn’t. “Talks a lot about what happened.”. The stakeholders later added that “I’m still thinking about it. So one day I’ll talk about it. And it will be funny and serious at the same time. Now I will tell you a joke. It was good for me to be with you today.”

It all shows that Chris Rock is still trying to sort out this humiliation. but how, He won’t sue Will Smith.The Academy of the Oscars, on the other hand, publicly condemns the inappropriate and violent acts of the actors. An investigation is still underway and rumors have it that the star refused to leave the ceremony after this controversial slap. According to rumors that have spread, it may be Banned from Hollywood High Mass such as Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein.

Apparently Chris Rock shouldn’t be moaning in his corner after the humiliation. The reason? This live slap pushes ticket prices for “Ego Death World Tour” followed ticketing website Sales for his show TickPick soared after the Will Smith Slap Streak, the price of a table at Boston’s Wilbur Theater dropped from $338, or about 308 euros, to $450 (410 euros), it revealed. work Newsweek. This is what comforts the comedian.

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