relationship The “too fusion” between Bruno and his sister annoyed Internet users.

As Alicia and Bruno said “yes” to each other after their first meeting on Married at first sight 2022, the young man’s sister’s behavior sparked a lot of reactions. Showing too much ownership of her brother. In this respect, his attitude towards the evening of the celebration shocked the audience.

This year, seven potential couples are on track in Gibraltar, this 6th ceremony.and The Married at First Sight edition takes place in the British Overseas Territory. This is the grand novelty of this sixth work. When asked about it, the show’s psychologist Estelle Dossin explained that singles need to get out of their comfort zones. apparently Alicia and Bruno Well done so far

83 Compatible%They have crossed the limits of marriage. And they have chosen to continue their experience on the M6’s love list. One problem, The character shows Carine’s ownership. with the younger brother who seemed to have found his shoes The least we can say is that the young woman behaves strangely in front of the camera. She inevitably finds herself at the heart of web conversations.

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Bruno’s sister Carine in the Internet user’s viewfinder.

It is not uncommon for the contestants’ family members to disagree with their decision to join the show. The reason ? This concept is not for everyone. It is unbelievable for some that their first meeting leads to marriage. However, they have chosen to put their love life in the hands of science. This is especially the case with Alicia and Bruno. however, No woman gained favor in Carine’s eyes.. Nothing is certain, but in any case it will impress the audience.

As the two lovebirds jump into the water and have fun in the evening. Bruno’s sister panicked. The reason? Carine was afraid that This union took him from his brother.. So she decided Dispel all the shortcomings of the groom. To Laura, Alicia’s best friend in 2and When Married at first sight aired on March 28, 2022 on M6, viewers were able to witness this surprising scene.

Bruno’s sister didn’t stop there. In fact, she even blew a bomb on the young bride. His behavior tonight The festivities have annoyed Internet users. They normally use Twitter accounts to express annoyance. Some even reference Cersei and Jaime Lanister from Game of Thrones. “Too fusion” therefore grazed one side of the grass “not strong”.

Bruno and Karine's relationship is unhealthy.
Bruno and Karine’s relationship is unhealthy. – ©twitter/ @Dariadesse
unusual relationship
unusual relationship ? – ©twitter/ @ErwAmazing
Carine and Bruno compared to Cersei and Jaime Lanister.
Carine and Bruno compared to Cersei and Jaime Lanister. – ©twitter/ @fredzoul

Alicia stood up for her new sister-in-law.

After the criticism on social networks Bruno wants to clarify. The newlyweds confirmed that the evening was going well. He also claimed that Carine “I don’t cry all the time”. This before adding: “(…) Someone already said that. Maybe it’s full of emotion I wouldn’t hold it against her because she was my sister, I knew her.”

same story with his wife Alicia truly came to protect her. Although the latter admits that she is “Own” and not jealous of his brother Bruno’s wife announced that Karine was “A great man who is full of value”As a result, candidates for Married at first sight 2022 have made it clear that they will not release. “I can’t see at all” With his derogatory remarks about his new sister-in-law, that was clear!

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