Chada Pinkett Smith breaks the silence!

Two days after her husband Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, Jada Pinkett has finally broken the silence. The 50-year-old actress shared a mysterious message on her Instagram account.

Of course this slap Chris Rock will go down in the annals of Oscar history. Unfortunately for comedians This video will last forever. The incident was one of the biggest scandals of this special mediating incident. Unlike actors who would award awards onstage, Jim Carrey would file a complaint on his behalf, for her part, Chada Pink. Gates waited two days before responding to the case.

Presenter’s reaction red table talk is also one of the most awaited after this highly criticized gesture of Will Smith at 94and The ceremony. The situation was even more awkward in the Hollywood masses as the actor won the Best Actor Oscar for the film. Williams methodWhether on stage or on his Instagram account, Venus and Serena’s father’s interpreter reiterated that he only defended his wife’s honor after this dubious joke.

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith at the 94th Annual Academy Awards
Jada Pinkett and Will Smith at the 94th Annual Academy Awards – © Photo deposit

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Chada Pinkett Smith responds to Oscar slap

It was clear that family meant everything to Will Smith, and Chris Rock learned that the hard way. You shouldn’t ask the protagonist at all. i am a legend Let other celebrities mock their wives. Clearly, comedians venture on slippery slopes when it comes to movies. GI Jane and the bald woman played by Demi Moore.

If for her role The film’s star shaved his head for the purpose of filming. Jada Pinkett had no other choice. The reason? Willow and Jaden’s mom had hair loss.a hair loss disorder. However, the actor and stage humorist allows himself to express his desire to see a fifty-year-old boy in the sequel to this documentary.

Although Will Smith laughs at first But his expression quickly changed. He went up on stage and slapped the presenter. No wonder this surreal scene provoked so many reactions. So the 53-year-old actor who won his first Oscar found himself under criticism. as well as his wife

Many Internet users agree that Jada Pinkett is not worthy of Will Smith. The man who had an affair with young rapper August Alsina. would be the cause of his misery After this controversial slapping Mainly involved has used her Instagram account to share a vague message that leaves room for many interpretations. “It’s the season of healing and me.”, she wrote. Did the actress talk about her illness? This is one hypothesis among many.

Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Confidential Message
Jada Pinkett Smith shares a secret message. – ©instagram/ @jadapinkettsmith

This cursed video reappears.

Guest on the American show Arsenio Hall showWill Smith, 23, couldn’t help but tease the musicians on set. The reason? This last one is glabrous. Suddenly the actor allowed himself to swing: “Does the bassist have a habit? Yes, he has a habit: he has to wax his head every day..

Re-broadcast in the band after slapping at the Oscars. This sequence has received widespread reviews from Internet users, with some mentioning it.hypocrisy While others believe Will Smith is joking, on the other hand, he can’t stand the jokes about his family. The Hollywood star was also able to count on the support of her fans. The latter explained that he was young and since then he has calmed down a lot.

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