What serious illnesses caused the cinema to stop?

Sick and frail Bruce Willis retired at age 67. The famous actor is suffering from aphasia. His family announced the sad news in a heartbreaking message on Instagram. After a wonderful acting career American celebrities are therefore forced to quit their jobs.

Bruce Willis no longer present We can talk about his most impressive performance. Crystal Trap Sixth Sense or unbreakable. The sacred monster of the American film industry. It seems that the actor wants to continue his acting career. Unfortunately, fate decided otherwise. In fact, he was forced to leave the set due to illness.

This is bad news that fans of the actors weren’t expecting. However, we have to accept this sad fact. Hollywood stars sufferaphasiaIt was his eldest daughter, Rumer Glenn Willis, one of his three children with Demi Moore speaking on Instagram. According to him, his father had no choice but to draw a line under his long career. No doubt it was very painful for him. However, he was ready to fight in the battle of life.

What is aphasia?

aphasia is neurological disease Expressed by a person unable to use and understand their own language. In other words, it iscommunication disorder. This is caused by damage to parts Language in the brain can be caused by CVA (stroke), tumors, or even a head injury.

For now, Bruce’s family Willis has yet to say more about his disease. but for information There are many types of aphasia. Broca and Wernicke aphasia is the most prevalent The first pathology is often affected. speech. People suffering from it have difficulty finding the right words for the situation. worse Subject was unable to speak any longer.

For Wernicke’s aphasia, a disturbing neurological disorder. language comprehensionwhether oral or written. The person can still speak. Only he makes paraphasias, in other words, it changes and/or replaces our description. colleague From Yahoo, everything indicates that Bruce Willis will have to relearn in order to speak and understand. Indeed, American actors will pass. rehabilitation such as speech therapy

The Bruce Willis family came out to clarify.

Like ex Demi Moore, the actor remains close, his daughter Rumer has also shared a press release on his Instagram account. The news broke on March 30, 2022, in the caption of the hero’s commemorative photo.ArmageddonHis family revealed:

“To the amazing Bruce supporters (…) We would like to share that our dear Bruce has a health issue and was recently diagnosed with aphasia which affects his ability. his intelligence, therefore, after careful consideration So Bruce quit a career that meant a lot to him. (…) It was a really difficult time (…) We are going through this as a strong family. And we want to bring in his fans because we know how much he means to you. Just as you did with him.”

All members of this mixed family have signed this press release, namely: Demi Moore, Roomer Glenn, Scout Larou, Tallulah Bell, Evelyn Penn and Mabel Rey.I wish him a speedy recovery.

The Bruce Willis family has announced his illness to fans.
The Bruce Willis family has announced his illness to fans. – ©instagram/ @rumerwillis

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