Cyril Hanuna appears with his “love”.

Cyril Hanuna has shared yet another adorable video that caught the attention of his followers on Instagram. This time, the C8 star has revealed himself amid his love. This is enough to dissolve Internet users.

As the first round of presidential elections approached. Cyril Hanuna clearly doubled. In fact, the famous presenter now heads a political program on C8 called facing Baba. This show follows the release of his book. “What the French Tell Me”. Apparently, France’s most influential TV presenter has risen to another level.

All this thanks TPMP showIn fact, Benjamin Castaldi’s close friend earned him the nickname “Baba” on the C8 talk show. Additionally, his political book was inspired by testimonies and commentary from some of the on-set guests. In this respect, he always makes it an honor to host a program that propels him to stardom on the small screen.

Like his columnist, Cyril Hanuna is also very popular on social networks. Those of you who follow him on Instagram will know. For example, Lino and Bianca’s father loves animals and especially dogs. Most recently, he appeared alongside Nala, his cute furry friend.

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Cute little spitz that melts internet users.

It’s true, Cyril Hanuna is very active and hyperactive. apparently single What is important to him is work. At the head of several programs on C8, the star presenter thought only the trial. In addition, Baba did not hesitate to criticize other channels. and their main list by any means He always makes time for the people he loves.

Although boss Kelly Vedovelli has separated from his children’s mother Emilie, we think he is spending quality time with his grandchildren. Especially during the holidays during the year. In 2018, the father of the family adopted a dog named Nala on the occasion of his birthday. Bianca . His daughter.. Since then, the little furry and his boss have regularly appeared together on the web.

On April 3, 2022, Cyril Hanuna did it again. In his car, the 47-year-old producer really showed it. “Nala is full of love”Apparently, her four-legged best friend took advantage of this walk. on their part Internet users rushed to compliment the lovely couple. “You are too cute”, “Looks like a doll”, “Both of you are too cute”We can read.

Cyril Hanuna goes on vacation with Nala.

Padel training in your spare time The TPMP host also enjoys spending time with his dog. In 2021, he has a lot of anxiety over the Easter holidays. The reason ? Little Nala eats chocolate eggs hidden in the garden. It made her really sick. Fortunately, everything ended well and cute dwarf spitz It has been in good shape since then.

The same year, the teacher and his best four-legged friend went on vacation together, as usual, Cyril Hanuna shared a photo with Nala, which did not cause Internet users to react. Their conspiracy is undeniable..

Cyril Hanuna and his dog Nala on vacation
Cyril Hanuna and his dog Nala on vacation – ©instagram/ @cyrilhanouna

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