He asked the nursing mother to cover up. She responded best.

while the mother is breastfeeding The restaurant patron asked her to cover up. First, she spoke to her husband before answering the man’s request. However, the latter did not expect his reaction.

“Breastfeeding is an option and a cheap one. There is nothing more natural and healthy than this.”, Congressman Fiona Lazar explained that public breastfeeding is indeed a hot debate in France and around the world. Some women are reluctant to breastfeed. Fear of other people’s gazes, words, and aggression.Unfortunately, many people are still shocked to see such a normal scene.

As a reminder, a mother named Maÿlis was slapped by a woman in the shop. The reason ? The young mother thought that she could breastfeed the baby in cue to calm him down. However, the reality is very different. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. In Mexico, public breastfeeding is blocked. Melanie Dudley had a sad experience

Breastfeeding is prohibited by law in public.
Breastfeeding is prohibited by law in public. – ©pexels

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A nursing mother teaches her a lesson in hatred.

It is true that many women who decide to breastfeed are victims of persecution. In fact, showing off their breasts in public is almost a shame, 74% of mothers choose. AME (exclusive breastfeeding) after childbirth according to report of the Institute of Public Health

However, the AME rate dropped 20% after just one month. In other words, 54% of the mothers continued to breastfeed after 4 weeks. There’s no doubt that other people’s gazes and opinions have something to do with it. While vacationing with family in Cabo San Lucas, Melanie Dudley received insulting comments from restaurant patrons.

It was clearly embarrassing to join the scene. He asked this mother to cover herself, so she asked. blanket for husband. only, Melanie put it on her head.This was a reaction his governor might not have expected, a woman named Carol LockwooThey photograph everything to condemn this barrier to public breastfeeding on the web. In the caption of her post, she wrote:

“(…) A friend’s daughter-in-law was asked to cover up to breastfeed.so she did I’ve never met her before But I think she’s impressive (…) I’m sick of women being humiliated for breastfeeding (…) PS: To put an end to the speculation a man who asked him to cover it up was very hot. »

Melanie Dudley responds best.
Melanie Dudley responds best. – ©facebook/ @carol.lockwood.58

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Babies and Mothers

according to the information transmitted Babies who continue to breastfeed after birth are better protected from parasites and infections. The reason ? Breast milk produces antibodies that boost immunity. It goes without saying that this makes babies have nutrients (vitamins, proteins, fats, etc.) necessary for growth

Based on the latest scientific research, the AME has helped develop more. intellectual ability In infants, prolonged exclusive breastfeeding also allows the mother to Shed a few pounds after pregnancy at also reduce the risk of breast cancer. in addition, The uterus is back in place faster. Thank you AME for this one. also delay the return of menstruation.

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