M6 viewers were scandalized by parents who bought a vehicle without a license for €6,000 from a 14-year-old.

The latest report in 66 minutes clearly aroused a strong reaction among the M6 ​​audience. The reason ? Parents should never be underestimated to buy a car without a license for €6,000 for their 14-year-old child. Only they had never driven. However, they exceeded 40 km/h.

No one should ignore the highway code. In fact, this applies to any driver. But the worst of madness could still happen. car without license also gaining momentum in France Sales of these cars are booming. According to the information reported in 66 minutes, 82% increase It was recorded between 2020 and 2021. In this respect, they are very successful with teenagers.

Apparently, parents have chosen between a scooter and a car without a license. Clearly, money was not a problem for them because of these vehicles. Sold from 6000 eurosFurthermore, they obviously weren’t worried about letting A 14-year-old child drives at a speed of 45 km/h.… to remind these teenagers that they don’t have a code and have never driven.

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The phenomenon of unlicensed cars

Over 20,000 unlicensed cars found in France Many parents believe their children are safe in Cabin with 4 wheelsIn this respect, they believe that scooters are more dangerous to their children. This is the perspective the 66 Minutes team is trying to clarify in this new report.

Initially, it was the elderly who had to drive these cars. Forgotten after the 80s, unlicensed cars once again succeeded. This time for the youngsters Accessible from the age of 14, these strollers are popular among teenagers. However, parents have to pay between 6,000 and 7,600 euros for these little cars

The audience for 66 minutes screamed foul.

Are unlicensed cars safer than scooters? Many parents who are able to make money find their children more at risk when wearing two-wheeled helmets. But it must be emphasized that These strollers do not have airbags.. In addition, most of these vehicles consist of plastic and aluminum. reason ? their weight is Limited at 425 kg..

In this 66-minute report, M6 viewers also learn that these teenagers only spend. practice a few hours before going out onto the street After driving at a speed of 45 km/h without a license in the same way They don’t have a code In this respect, they are not adept at anything and are left to their own devices. in the middle of “Real car”.

The massive M6 audience inevitably reacted on Twitter. These parents spend huge sums of money to please their children. Yet these youngsters are unaware of the dangers on the road. Moreover, they are struggling to properly control the seemingly safer little car of their own.

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spoiled child – ©twitter/ @cassandreboone
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14 year old boy on the traditional road – ©twitter/ @AndoCR92

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