Alicia (married at first sight) condemns the editing. “The production department makes me believe…”

As the adventure continues in season 6 of Married at First Sight, Alicia is confident in her participation in the romantic show. Bruno’s companions also took the opportunity to reveal the bottom of the list.

On the occasion of this No. 6 Married at first sightSeven potential couples have chosen to put their love destinies in the hands of experts and science. This year, the dating show has made some specific changes. The team had abandoned Grans Town Hall. GibraltarEstelle Dossin, the project’s psychologist, explains it this way. The lovebird will leave the safety zone. I must say that this novelty is imminent. Alicia and Bruno who said “yes” to the occupied congregation

Apparently, the newlyweds have marked a new season of the M6’s flagship program. Karine, Bruno’s sister In particular, it causes a large amount of ink to flow. by any means Both contestants dominate the hearts of the people. Many viewers have confirmed that they are a beautiful couple asked by us. colleague du Figaro, Alicia shares a few revelations about this extraordinary experience. she speaks above all Interviews during filming and camera presence.

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his cash opinion on production

During this interview Alicia opens up about joining this famous dating show. The pretty blonde revealed that she joined the cast as she appeared to be in a dead end. Indeed, young women are chained to failed love. “I’ve been single for two years. I feel like I’ve never found the right person for me.”she explained

Apparently Married at First Sight contestants are chaining toxic men. The nurse suddenly decided to rely on the expertise of M6 broadcast specialists, she insisted, especially on the character. “and less physical” of potential partners The least we can say is that she was a little nervous when she saw it.1good Bruno times “The more I walked to the altar the more The more I found myself, the more beautiful I was. I was still scared. I said to myself, “Who is hiding behind this cunning man? »she revealed

However, everything is going well. And both lovebirds look the same length. The fact that Carine identified her brother’s shortcomings didn’t change much. The newlyweds later came to her defense after a wave of criticism and insults she received on the web. Although Alicia had an unforgettable experience, but she condemns conditional interview during filming

“When I miss an answer The reporter asked that question again until I actually answered it. They really want the answers they’ve thought of.. Sometimes the interview is late and with fatigue. we just want to go to bed

In addition, Alicia condemned the editing during the wedding scene on the wedding night. as a reminder Beautiful blonde woman turned off the light In this, she explains: “The production convinced me that I didn’t want Bruno to see my body. But it has nothing to do with it.”In fact, the girl had OCD. “Have to sleep in complete darkness”

Alicia will soon be an influencer?

There is no doubt that the “Married at first sight” made Bruno’s wife very visible. As a result, she became famous in social networks. She is now more of a community leader. 142,000 followers on InstagramEverything indicates that this number will skyrocket. In this sense, her family encourages her to be influential. It’s a lucrative business that everyone is crazy about small screen stars. despite everything But she doesn’t seem very excited about this training career.

“(…) I didn’t expect a large number of members in the five broadcasts and it continues to increase (…) for being an influencer. My goal is to participate in the show, not the goal ( …). I’m passionate about myself. job as a nurse I will not do everything I don’t use social media for money. »

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