Angele became a web clown after her performance at Tous in Nice at France 2.

While Billie Eilish was mentioned after a minor update at the Coachella Festival in the US, Angel was the point of criticism. Old shows by Belgian artists have reappeared. The least we can say is that her haters love to make fun of her.

Born to singer Marka father and actor mother Laurence Bibot, Angèle grew up in a cultural universe. from a young age she learns the piano The beautiful blonde took her father to the stage. In fact, she also followed the musical procession. After a few interpretations published on YouTube, she took her first steps in a coffee shop in Brussels. The artist then revealed herself in her brother’s company, Romeo Elvis, on the piece. I see.

2017 marked the first turning point in his career with his first single. Murphy’s Law. Then the singer continued with 2and piece named i need your eyes. Since then singer She began performing at several festivals in Belgium and France. In 2018 she released her first album Brol, and dedication came the following year with two awards at Victoires de la Musique.

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The connection between Billie Eilish and Angele

After two editions were canceled due to the pandemic, the Coachella festival has returned this year. The iconic California desert show has returned with a handful of artists like Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, or Billie Eilish. anxiously cute On April 18, only here the singer dropped a short sentence from innocence. “I’m sorry I’m not Beyonce.”She swings on the stage

This is a debate that has been raging for years amongst the fans. loyal to Jay-Z’s girlfriend and her haters. To her audience, Queen B has a great voice. Plus, she always offers real onstage.“She goes everywhere” without actually singing. After His Highness went in All in Nice In France 2 Angele also received this kind of remark.

This is a performance by Belgian artists dating back many years. Only Internet users automatically generated links after Billie Eilish’s announcement at the California festival. So this old sequencer has resurfaced, I must say that the haters are not ashamed to criticize. his live performance. as always They don’t mince words to portray a bad 26-year-old singer.

“Angele is more than Angele”, “Angele can’t sing live”, “Angele lives a life without being mean, she sucks srx better if she plays.”We can read it on the web. It was evident that his slight inertia on the stage of All in Nice will still be engraved in the memory

A special show in Reims

Despite the ridicule and criticism of her. Angele, who has made undeniable progress over the years. Opt for images that are very elaborate on stage. On the occasion of a big comeback with a tour “Ninety-five”The Belgian artist also creates vibrant and original choreography. At Reims Arena, she offers an American program to express her joy in finding her audience. This is a great opportunity to connect with fans. his again and respond in the best way to his governor.

Exclusive Show at Reims Arena
Exclusive Show at Reims Arena

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