Anxious Linky Meter They both received huge electricity bills!

Big terror for this couple from Saône-et-Loire. which Linky’s counters go crazy for. This shows a shocking figure for electricity consumption. Once again a little gem The Enedis Network (former ERDF) finds itself at the heart of the conflict.

The new smart meter Linky No doubt spearheaded the Enedis network over the years. Its main asset is the fact that This connected object transmits data without the intervention of on-site technicians.. Install from 1uh December 2015 90% of French households are now equipped . work Price-Electricity, despite everything But many people are still skeptical of its practicality.

Although the commissioning or replacement of power is not required through a technician. But the doubt remains This is the case of This pair is from Saône-et-Loire. Who isn’t thrilled to replace their good old EDF meter? It seems that older generations tend to think of all connected objects as spy devices.

However, the law requires installation obligations. After months of hesitation, Stephanie and Stefan finally gave up. but not of their own free will. “We had to spend a day there because it was compulsory. So we did it but didn’t feel relieved.”they told microphone JSL reporter, this is a decision both of them will regret seeing the use of electricity.

The Linky meter shows consumption of more than 250,000 euros.

Obviously, this little tech gem has its advantages for French households. Linky meter can track their exact consumption. On a computer, tablet or phone, out of curiosity, Stéphanie has a good instinct to look at Enedis networking applications on her laptop.

The pair fell out of the clouds when they saw estimates from self-reported numbers on their gauges. This has disappeared from 6,212 kWh to +478,244 kWh. In this respect, electricity consumption will increase significantly. Stephanie and Stefan had to pay large sums to 289,772.93 euros

They were surprised to find themselves in the situation, especially when both were reluctant to install this Linky meter.. “Our heaters are not electric. but use charcoal And there are fewer than two people in the house compared to last year. It’s hard to understand.”They trust, no doubt for them. it was a mistake So they quickly sent an email to the electricity supplier.

everything is in order

Fortunately, their claim was successful and for good reason. The pair received a reassuring call from Enedis’ network manager. “The people I spoke to confirmed to me that these numbers were inconsistent. Explain to me that there is definitely a flow problem.”, reveals Stephanie. The electricity supplier doesn’t stop there. Because an email was also sent to the victims of this error. Here are the highlights:

from computer problems We do not save your new meter installation in your customer file. The readings you enter are inconsistent with your previous meter readings. leading to this anomaly (…) we examine together. Today’s statement results in a refund estimate in your favor.”

There’s no doubt that this is great news for this couple from Saône-et-Loire. who were so shocked by the creepy numbers on their Linky meter.

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