Emmanuel Macron arrogant and “drugged” during the debate between two rounds? Internet users respond

On the occasion of a traditional televised debate between two rounds, Marine Le Pain and Emmanuel Macron discussed a number of topics. In addition to his position The resigned president was also talked about for his arrogant attitude on TF1’s JT set.

Who will be the next president of the republic? For now, the mystery remains. However, the verdict will be soon, for sure. The round will be held on April 24, 2022. The final round of the Elysees will be played between Marine Le Pain and Emmanuel Macron. In 2017 their paths have crossed. Unfortunately for the National Rally (RN) candidate, she fools herself. This year it is the head of state that must find itself at the heart of the conflict.

Apparently, the favorite’s attitude towards his succession during the two rounds of discussions was unanimous. Many viewers agreed that he showed up. “condescending” and “profane”Some even wondered if the presidential candidates weren’t baffled at this debate.

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annoy the audience

It is true that the former economy minister faced a five-year period fraught with major crises. In addition to the movement of the yellow vest The arrival of the plague was also a major turning point during his mandate. Add to that the financial impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in France. The incumbent president has to deal with all of this. And some decisions inevitably caused a violent reaction from the public.

Despite everything, Emmanuel Macron can claim a second term, evidence? He qualified for 2 Round. Better yet, Brigitte’s husband is presented as great favorite To Marine Le Pain, in this respect he seemed completely at ease. even too much During the debate between the two In addition, the mistake of the representative of the RN group clearly reassured him.

Contrary to her behavior in 2017, Marine Le Pain is polite and smiling. To the current Élysée tenant, he seems intent on mocking his rivals. In fact, he always cuts her off. like not enough politicians accept arrogant and arrogant attitude. inevitably surprised many viewers. worse The presidential candidate drew the anger of his fellow citizens.

France's contempt
France’s contempt – ©twitter/ @stefmilosevic
Anything but Macron
Anything but Macron – ©twitter/ @CroizerDlw
Macron was arrogant.
Macron was arrogant. – ©twitter/ @njee26

Emmanuel Macron baffled on set?

Did the head of state go beyond the boundaries during the traditional debate between the finalists? For many Internet users, it is undeniable yes. By disrespecting Marine Le Pen, he would have defamation of democracyApparently, his attitude reflected the possible new authority and his next strategy.

It must be believed that many viewers did not expect such behavior from a presidential candidate. They were used to seeing him compromise to maintain his image. In this respect, some have concluded thatnot in normal condition. On Twitter they are crazy.

The president went out in a daze.
The president went out in a daze. – ©twitter/ @IchigoPerceval
reveal gesture
reveal gesture – ©twitter/ @NNationalist

Who will be victorious?

In 2017, Emmanuel Macron was almost unanimous among the audience. This year the situation has changed a bit, in fact, Marine Le Pain has done her best campaign, paying close attention to the concerns of the French. As a result, she spoke about her strategy for household purchasing power in the face of inflation and rising energy prices. This side can do better than the opponent. with 37% Ext. 34%

Even though RN’s candidacy is less intense than it was five years ago, regardless of form or content. The head of state is considered more reliable. in other words He appears to have emerged as the winner of the second round of debates, however, the results of the election had to be confirmed.

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