Fan reveals who secretly likes to be a man, quit acting

Like the other participants, Ève and Aïckel decided to make their first appointment in the Et program if we met at M6. As usual, this new dating show created a special scene for the audience. The woman had already revealed to the applicant that she was actually a man.

Is it possible to love someone from a distance? we have to believe that At least for some men and women who meet in forums or on social networks. Their common point: They’ve been dating online for months or even years. How did you meet?A hit show on M6, viewers discover the first meeting between two people.

There is no doubt that this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for a couple who thought they knew each other but recently chatted online. This first date in this respect differs from one couple to another.Eve and Ikel. Applicants may not expect the disclosure of their contestants, affectingThe 23-year-old hairdresser hid from her that she was born as a man..

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Aïckel is confused in How did you meet?

It’s true, this first meeting on M6 is always full of surprises. The dating show’s followers probably remember Tuan’s unexpected remarks to Delilah. While everything seemed to be going well at first, The young man swung away: “After that you have to see if you’re flabby. (…) We’ll be seeing naked tonight. There are many well-dressed people. But when it’s all taken off…” This is one of the unforgettable sequences of this moment when virtual reality emerges.

In addition to Tuan and Dalila, Jossy and Rémy’s first meeting was remembered by the audience. as a reminder A woman living in Peru makes a marriage proposal to her boyfriend. Although the father of the 8-year-old girl responded with a very “yes”, their relationship did not last long. for her role Eve did a pretty good job of revealing to Ickel that she was a man before.

“Growing up, the truth has returned.”, she said in front of the camera Hairdressers in Colomb have been chatting online for a while and want to hide this heavy secret. The person who made her change waited for her first appointment before revealing the whole truth about it. His girlfriend immediately condemned the lack of sincerity. Upset, he decided to leave the filming. What if we meet?.

happy ending

“It’s a mixture of sadness, anger, and incomprehension.”Eve spoke in front of the candidate’s reaction. After recovering a bit, Aïckel decided to call her mother for advice. Despite this revelation He still chooses to continue the adventure with the girl. The lovebirds even hugged each other tenderly and exchanged kisses. from the information transmitted They were still in a relationship after their experiences in How did you meet?

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