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After the new 12 Coups de midi, Jean-Luc Reichmann rushed to speak on social networks the same evening. The reason ? TF1’s MCs want to fix some mistakes that happened on the show. So he edited about This “big mistake”

In the leading position of the home game show since 2010. Jean-Luc Reichmann continues to satisfy the audience Applicants are connected But the 61-year-old presenter always grinned and was more than a positive wave. It’s safe to say that his never-failing sense of humor is contagious. As a result, participants were completely at ease with the stars on the small screen like everyone else. However, there were some on set. noon shot Sometimes it can go wrong. This was the case with this young intern.

Sometimes it happens that TF1’s host also commits an offense as well. For information, the show’s staff have a habit of constantly recording multiple numbers. As a result, fatigue has increased over the years. In addition to being missed on Twitter, Jean-Luc Reichmann gave an incorrect answer in a game show. in the process The queer has presented his excuses on the web. He also took this opportunity to point out small issues.

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Jean-Luc Reichmann edited a “Big Mistake”

Although Maël still has a long way to go before chasing the former Maître de midi Bruno, he has performed well on TF1 as a reminder. He has left the adventure after 13 participation. He has €51,393 left in prizes and gifts. Some David managed to beat the football question. Of course, this elimination made the audience very sad.

Despite everything, Maël’s departure was not the only highlight of the April 20 episode. General de Gaulle’s birthplace Still causing a lot of ink to flow. Imagine that Jean-Luc Reichmann gave an incorrect answer during a violent explosion between Océane and David. This error was not overlooked and the headmaster involved insisted on making it. Editing on social networksHowever, he has since deleted his Instagram and Twitter posts.

“I just noticed that there was a big mistake, of course. General de Gaulle, who was not born in Colombi-les-de-Eglisis. but was born in Lille (…) I have read what is marked on my computer. It’s a computer bug, don’t worry, there are no consequences for Océane compared to serious games. But sometimes time flies so fast I don’t even have time to react. »

No wonder Internet users welcomed Jean-Luc Reichmann’s initiative to recognize his mistake and take corrective action. Several people responded to his publication saying: “To do wrong is human. It’s not a big deal at all.” and : “Everyone has made mistakes.”.

Injured candidates return in Les 12 Coups de midi.

Margaux will soon join another adventure after his elimination is described as unfair. The reason? Maël gave the wrong answer in the April 16 episode. However, Jean-Luc Reichmann & co didn’t realize the mistake. this Unfortunately, this lack of attention caused the girl to lose her place. Suddenly, Nathalie Lecoultre’s friend wanted to settle this dispute.

“Yesterday we spent ten hours in the 1871 dispute between Prussia and Germany (…). We have decided Margaux will invite you back quickly.as soon as possible because for us justice prevails.”

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