How to spot counterfeit 20 and 50 euro banknotes in circulation in France

While the authorities are warning about the circulating counterfeit 20 and 50 euro banknotes, many traders and customers are still being defrauded by criminals. Therefore, it is important to know how to recognize them. we tell you everything

This is a deceptive phenomenon that has become widespread in France. In fact, the seizure of €17,000 in a limousine is not an isolated case. fake ticket. In addition to consumers Small businesses are also widely affected and for many years, in this respect, officials continue to warn about the situation.

Obviously, it’s important to be extra careful. This is because these counterfeit banknotes often end up in circulation due to lack of interest from merchants and customers. For information here is “Film money” or movie theater money “Usually in 20 or 50 euros”explain the head of The Central Office for Counterfeiting (OCRFM)Eric Bertrand in column of the parisian They are printed for The desire to shoot movies, series or music videos.

You don’t need a contact in China. country of manufacture or go to the dark web to get it, just go to amazon or ebay because of these Fake 20 or 50 Euro banknotes It was available for free on the Internet. From then on, scammers injected into the financial cycle. face this growing scam phenomenon. OCRFM and the Regiment alert to the situation

The police warned of the situation
The police warned of the situation – ©facebook /@GGD65

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The officers are sounding the alarm.

In fact, technological expertise is important. And the continuous efforts over the years have made it possible to reduce production costs in many sectors. Universe of 7and Obviously, art is no exception to this rule. This proof is Mass production of counterfeit banknotes In addition to filming The theater world also uses this method.

for such information Le Parisien reports In this respect, criminals evade. Article 442-1 of the Criminal Code which states that “The sole purpose of generating counterfeit money is punishable by appraisal.”. However, it is a legal ambiguity. Reason ? Before any legal procedure it is necessary to prove the intention to use it as counterfeit money. however, “Proving fraud is quite complicated.”Tribute to the head of the NCPO

on their part Police and the military department have warned customers and traders of repeated arrests. We must emphasize that we need to revert to our careful habits. Because fake 20 and 50 euro banknotes are spreading in France.

with the size of a real banknote Sometimes we fail to notice counterfeit banknotes in our hands. same as color It’s easy to differentiate this. “Film money”. It’s actually just a photocopier. Here’s how to remember:

same number

Almost all counterfeit 20 and 50 euro banknotes are numbered as follows: MB 66688880.

The word “PRΩP” instead of “EYPΩ”

At the bottom right of the real banknote is written “EYPΩ” which means “Euro” for counterfeit banknotes. This Greek word is replaced by “PRΩP” which means “accessory” (in cinema Editor’s note)

no security label

“They don’t have the usual security labels like holograms when you move the banknotes. The pattern is unchanged.”Eric Bertrand explains.

separate commands

“This is not legal. Used for motion props » (“This ticket is not legally purchased. For use in cinemas only.”) mentioned herein the margin of a leather money Identify counterfeit banknotes in circulation

The signature is replaced by a sign. “Movie money”

under the flag of the European Union We find the central bank president’s signature on the genuine banknote. This, in turn, has been replaced by the “Movie Money” mark on “movie tickets.”

How to distinguish them?
How to distinguish them? – © OCRFM / © Le Parisien

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