Loana’s SHOCK secret about her personal life with best friend Eryl Prayer.

Once again Loana has been talked about for her heart, the former Lofteuse recently split a new belief in his love life. surprise everyone She revealed that she was already trying to build a relationship with her BFF Eryl Prayer.

The big winner of Loft Story’s first season. Loana Petrucciani Rise to the top before your dark time. Indeed, the former reality TV star experienced a descent into the underworld that hinted at his existence. Between several hospitalizations and her addiction problems The 44-year-old blonde is struggling to find balance and harmony in her life. Fortunately, she gradually back to the path of happiness Everything indicates that his best friend Praying Eryl be there for something

Propelled into the small screen star ranks after she participated in 1good Reality TV in France Sylvie Ortega’s former best friend can add more lines. for her bow Since last year, the interpreter ofpassion He rediscovered his passion for singing. In fact, she is now a beautiful duo too. Looks like Elvis PresleyThe two friends continued their journey through France. and hence So she’s getting better and better.

Of course, Loana did not despair to climb the steep slopes, and this despite the long road full of pitfalls. This is all to his credit. But the only thing missing from his happiness was probably the Prince Charming. TPMP peopleJean-Edouard Lipa’s ex has revealed that she has tried her luck with Eryl Prayer, enough to leave Matthieu Delormeau speechless.

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His finances are about his relationship with his best friend.

There’s no doubt that Loana has come a long way. Drowned in his addictionBut she always manages her fate in her own hands. those who suffer from bipolar can still rely on the relentless support of his family. Even though she broke up with her mother in public But the situation has improved since then.

After the owners restored her apartment in Paris, Loana lived between Vence and her mother Violette and Le Lavandou with Eryl Prayer and her partner. Yes, they made a funny threesome. “She was a bit scared at first, that’s for sure, but we were in the house: I was on the first floor and he was downstairs. We love each other! »In particular, assign stakeholders to our colleagues from here.

However, the singer recently revealed that she had arrived. ” try ” with his best friend “We have known each other for fifteen years. At first I tried and got a little drunk.”She said on this set of TPMP People before adding: “We say, ‘Why not?’… but no, no, when we sleep together we laugh. There was a time when you could do the most nonsense with your friends ».

Loana talks about a “Curse”

In addition, on the C8 talk show, the former reality TV candidate revealed that she has an ardent desire to start a family. Only Mindy’s mother struggles to find her chosen one. even though it looks surprising She hasn’t fallen in love in almost 20 years. “The last time would have been 2003 with a man who was sincere and really loved me.”, she revealed. However, Loana has decided to put an end to the matter. since then She found herself under a strange curse. At least according to her words.

In addition, the forty-year-old girl remembers her past relationships well. Fred Cauvin. As a reminder, she accused the latter. Domestic violence and manipulation. despite everything But the former Loftes did not lose hope of meeting the man of her life. It remains to be seen whether Cupid will break this curse soon…

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