The Marine Le Pen crash sparked debate with Emmanuel Macron.

While Marine Le Pain failed during a duel with Emmanuel Macron in 2017, the RNN candidate made a mistake at the start of the debate between the two rounds. Many people were waiting for this face-to-face, and in this respect, this technical bug went unnoticed.

few days from 2and Finally, Emmanuel Macron accepted the confrontation with his only opponent on behalf. Marine Le PenThe two finalists joined TF1’s JT set on April 20. During two rounds of debates, the National Rally (RN) candidate and the upcoming president discussed a number of topics. They talk about immigration, purchasing power and even security.

Obviously learning from the mistakes of 2017 Jean-Marie Le Pain’s daughter was polite and smiled widely. Although the candidates on the far right were preparing for this battle, But she didn’t plan everything. seemed eager to gain an edge over her opponent. She made a mistake when the debate had not started...

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Marine Le Pain makes fresh gyoza.

RN applicants seem to be able to win 2 . President’s Tower? Absolutely nothing But political analysts say She has the best campaign. before oil prices skyrocket The company has already developed an action plan related to French purchasing power. In this sense, she has dealt with a national issue that has hit households hard.

Unlike Eric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen seems to be less violent than it was 5 years ago in terms of content and style. especially in matters of immigration and foreign policy. magazine Capital. His efforts paid off, evidence? now it builds Hate for 50 % of his fellow citizens That’s compared to 62% in 2017, according to a survey last March.

In addition, the finalist also has a reserve score with Zemmour’s voters, reminding our colleagues from Capital, as a result, she has a 2nd chance every time. The tour, although Emmanuel Macron is presented as great favorite in his own landThe traditional debate between the two rounds is to provide an overview of the results of this presidential election. only here This time there was no knockout.

Marine Le Pen, on the other hand, made a small mistake in TF1’s JT series when the song credits started, the RN candidate had already spoken, apparently eager to answer the first of the evening’s questions: “How can you be a better president than your opponent? ». Faced with her husband, Brigitte Macron was determined to win the battle. She was forced to apologize. “I started before you even started (…) I’m sorry.”she said.

RN candidates are bogged down by the numbers.

In addition to global warming, pensions or secularism The two finalists also debated the purchasing power of the French. This inevitably caused inflation and growth in France. Marine Le Pain miscalculated when she spoke. Marion Maréchal’s aunt said inflation of 4.5% and growth of 0.6% for 2.and Quarter 2022 This is an error his opponent hastened to address Emmanuel Macron to declare:

“If I look at the numbers from Banque de France, the average annual inflation rate is 3.7% and it grows 3.4%, that’s not the point. as well as IMF numbers

Marine Le Pen miscalculated.
Marine Le Pen miscalculated. – ©twitter/ @marclandre

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