After Buitoni and Kinder Pizzas New Product Recall

at the rate of suspected contamination Food scandals followed by themselves. in other words It’s like the rules of the series. After pizza or cheese, Buitoni is a new product recalled due to pesticides that are in the news.

From Buitoni pizza to raw milk cheese and Kinder chocolate, popular but contaminated products have wreaked havoc in France. The child will be the first victim. This caused concern and inevitably infuriated consumers. As a result, the government launched restore campaign to limit the damage

Although food producers vow to keep an eye on themselves. But cases of human contamination continue to rise. In this respect, efforts by health authorities seem insufficient. The evidence is discovery Traces of pesticides in quantities that exceed the maximum residue limits (MRLs) set by the European Union. In these products are Shelled Pistachios from B&S Cuisine.

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Contaminated pistachios can be recalled.

There is no doubt that the French are wary of brands. Affected by this type of scandal, Ferrero, an Italian confectionery company specializing in confectionery, found itself at the heart of the controversy as many key Kinder chocolates were recalled for potential contamination with sal bacteria. Monella

The Buitoni brand, maker of Fraîch’Up frozen pizzas, or Graindorge chains and raw milk cheeses, is in the same situation. Like Grand Fries as a reminder A French supermarket chain specializes in fresh produce. here only work The government has warned of the presence of higher amounts of pesticides in Pistachios, peeled 250 g. from B&S Cuisine..

for your information The product in question has a barcode. 3580281252024. This was marketed between March 9 and April 8, 2022. Expiration date of 1006 series It has been fixed at April 30, 2023. It goes without saying that consuming this product is not recommended. It is advisable to destroy it or return it to the store where you bought it. This way, you may be able to exchange it or hope to get your money back. The recall procedure will last until Saturday. Next May 21.

Pesticides in pistachios in massive recall across France
Pesticides in pistachios in massive recall across France – ©twitter /@ReminderConso

Pesticides and Health Risks

In addition to non-compliance food product hazards Marketed for health forces the government to launch a recall campaign. official website ReminderConso It revealed 4,378 items were withdrawn from the market in one year. In this respect, this process has become commonplace in France. This is quite rare in France.

It should be emphasized that most of us are exposed to pesticides through food. As a result, the consumption of contaminated products is harmful to health. In addition to their carcinogenic nature (breast, bladder, kidney, etc.), acute or chronic exposure to these substances can also trigger diabetes or lung disease.

Other health experts have noted. type of pathology such as wheezing, asthma or kidney failure from recurring food scandals. Health security should be strengthened. However, transparency in self-inspection of products will not occur in the food industry. therefore it is necessary increase caution on the risk of poisoning

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