Bruno Le Maire excludes the use of Article 49-3.

The day after the new elections of Emmanuel Macron, Bruno Le Maire spoke about the measures that had been put in place during the first five years. The Economy Minister therefore discussed the steps to take in this semester 2. According to him, the use of 49-3 will not be eliminated on pension reform.

was re-elected, Emmanuel Macron is already at the heart of the controversy. Guest on plateau From Franceinfo April 25, 2022 Bruno Mayor Indeed, he made some observations that were contrary to the political class. Initially, the Minister of Economy was pleased with this. “Big Victory” The president’s departure, however, was adamant about changes in governance. They will obviously bet on the conversation. “Show moderation, balance, avoid unnecessary quarrels.”.

Elise’s tenant and his disciples would “Absolutely refrain from verbal violence.”However, the executive drew the opposition’s fury a day after the second round of presidential elections. The reason? Bruno Le Maire has not denied the possibility of asking for help. Article 49-3 to pass pension reform. As a reminder This project is one of the key plans for the new five-year agenda. despite everything But this incident did not really please the French.

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Is Emmanuel Macron ready to pass pension reform?

for your information “Section 49, paragraph 3, also known as The “commitment to accountability” allows the government to deliver the proposed message without a vote under the denial of a motion of censure that a tenth of the council must submit.”such as explain it Wikipedia. Not surprisingly, journalist Salhia Brakhlia did not miss the opportunity to interrogate the current Minister of Economy after the victory of her husband Brigitte Macron.

“(…) with the flammable nature of this reform You assure us this morning that the government will not force, will not apply 49.3 through this reform? », Asked his interlocutor to which Bruno Le Maire replied: “I can’t give that guarantee. I don’t want that, sure.” “I have always said that this reform should be a matter of debate and negotiation as much as possible in hopes of reaching a compromise.” Then he was supremely fit.

Although Bruno Le Maire tried to calm the situation. But he has given more element to the opposition compared to Emmanuel’s re-election. come to the condemnation In fact, the Minister of Economy blows hot and cold air. On the one hand, he talks about the government listening. and on the other side He did not deny the possibility of turning to the famous 49-3.

Jean-Luc Melengchon, Prime Minister?

realize“Membership Points” To fend off the far right, Bruno Le Maire continues to insist that Élysée’s current tenant has been awarded. “Big Victory”This is in response to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s cynical remarks declaring Macron president. “Worst election”. Far away, applicants arrive 3and In the first round took advantage of this controversy over pension reform to bring his famous project back into the carpet.

reiterated that the party leader french rebellion Calling for the French to elect him as prime minister in the legislative elections, Jean-Luc Mélenchon strongly opposes the pension reform. So it was hoped that the President of the Republic would live together. That way he would be able to block the project by taking the Matignon position.

Jean-Luc Melenchon
Jean-Luc Mélenchon ready to block pension reform

The possibility of recourse under Section 49-3 has also annoyed some officials such as Manon Aubry, Eric Coquerel or Manuel Bompard. Some senators also responded to Bruno Le Maire’s remarks, particularly the case of environmental group chairman Guillaume Gontard.

Guillaume Contar
Idea 49-3 annoyed the Senate.

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