Emmanuel Macron’s Amazing Speech After His Victory

The French decide: Emmanuel Macron re-elected for a second term This is good news for his party, La République en Marche (LREM), despite everything. The head of state’s first words seemed to prove he was skeptical of his victory.

one more time Marine Le Pen not suitable for Emmanuel MacronHowever, the National Rally candidate has changed her strategy to influence voters this year. The president’s rivals have drawn up an action plan to deal with skyrocketing energy prices and inflation. Political analysts say She has carried out her campaign at her best focusing on the main concerns of France. That is purchasing power.

In this respect, RN applicants have every 2 chances. The tower and his supporters firmly believed in his victory. inevitably The latter raised the foul by pointing the finger at the outcome at the rigged. However, Brigitte Macron’s husband remained the tenant of the Élysée for at least five years. like a reminder, He received 58.54% of the vote. per 41.46% to support his opponent

Emmanuel Macron will start his second term, yes, but now it seems. The President of the Republic is not 100% convinced of his re-election.. We reveal the surprising speech of the head of state during the first speech after 2 round.

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Emmanuel Macron doubts before the second round result?

Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, many of the French were delighted with Marine Le Pen’s defeat. In fact, many breathed a sigh of relief from the far right. despite everything But the former presidential candidate and a handful of voters are not Élysée’s current tenants supporters. Having said that, some decisions during his first term were unanimous.

during the movement of “Yellow Shirts” To Russia-Ukraine Conflict Through the Covid-19 Pandemic Emmanuel Macron faces a five-year term fraught with major crises. The story involving Benalla undoubtedly marked the beginning of a journey full of pitfalls for Brigitte’s husband. As a result, he hasn’t won the hearts of all the French, so the big contenders are skeptical of his own succession.

“What a wonderful story. Who is going to believe it? »He said that after the results were announced on Sunday April 24th, these were amazing words that could say a lot about his state of mind. Clearly, the politician fears the worst in a confrontation with a stronger Marine Le Pen than ever. However, he does not give up and is to his credit. He also drew twittos’ fury after the traditional debate between the two rounds. Some viewers condemned his arrogant attitude on social networks at Blue Bird.

Can he claim the third term?

If we refer to the constitution, Emmanuel Macron will not be able to run it again in 2027, that is, France will have a new president of the Republic in the next five years. Win in 2032, in other words. He was able to enter the competition after ten years. He’ll be 55 years old, just three years older than Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, remind us. colleague from BFM TV

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