Pizza brand apologizes for giving vouchers to victims’ families

In the midst of a food scandal, Buitoni, known for its frozen pizzas, has been producing mea culpa following a recent damning revelation. In fact, the company offered vouchers to families of victims of the E.coli bacteria.

There is no doubt that health workers have no time to rest. These experts now have to deal with many more complex situations. Between Kinder chocolates and raw milk cheese, they have the cut. this new product which is being withdrawn Make a lot of ink flow as well. Add This is a Fraîch’Up frozen pizza from the Buitoni brand. This can be a source of contamination of Escherichia coli bacteria.

according to information transmitted by us colleague of the sound of the North, Nestle’s Buitoni brand pizza It will be responsible for more than 50 cases of contamination. Unfortunately, young children are the most affected. They are truly bacterial infections and some lesions are irreversible.

when faced with this situation The agricultural giant has given vouchers to parents of sick children. Not surprisingly, this approach caused waves of resentment to begin with. Professor Richard Legrandwhich is about twenty lawyers victim family.

Buitoni Pizza in the Spotlight

in the last few weeks The government has launched a massive campaign to recall contaminated products. This is especially the case with Kinder chocolates from the manufacturer Ferrero, due to germs. Salmonellosis Dozens of cases in Europe Peeled Pistachios from B&S Cuisine of the Grand Frais supermarket chain were also withdrawn from the shelves. Just like Buitoni pizza

Having said that, the situation was particularly worrisome for the parents of the sick child. The La Voix du Nord journalists compiled the true testimony of the victim’s family. And the least that can be said is that they are in the real hell. Sonia’s 6-year-old daughter, Mila, is hospitalized with the disease. pyelonephritis After being infected with E. coli bacteria, a sick mother reveals that people “From Buyoni Consumer Services” later came to her

Apparently, the woman wanted to extract information about Mila’s case from him. “She offered me to come back to me in a few days so I could access my daughter’s medical files at Poitiers University Hospital.”said Sonia. Then she began to wonder. as well as the families of the other victims. She also received an email from a brand that offered her. 20 euro voucher for “compensation” from “Getting inconvenience”.

Food scandal at Buitoni
Food scandal at Buitoni – ©twitter/ @LeGlobe_info

The victim’s family lawyer said.

According to information reported by the specialized website, Sonia describes how it operates on the pizza brand: ” nonsense “. For his part, Maître Richard Legrand said he received a scandal after long silence of the company. He also condemned a “Lack of consideration ». Let the victim’s family attorney declare:

“(…) I received a response from the family I protect. I know it’s happened in the last three to four days. it’s funny (…) At this stage of the investigation Bootony does not need access to confidential information. Subject to medical confidentiality (…) without any compensation or financial compensation. to compensate for the pain It is imperative that the family be compensated. and justice can shed light on all this.”

Nestlé has apologized after the offer. “inappropriate”

After recent scandals and deals with parents of sick children. Agricultural giants have made mea culpa at microphone of the BFM business “It shouldn’t be. We offer our deepest condolences to this consumer who may have been dissatisfied with receiving these vouchers.”A Nestle spokesman said.

As usual, the company certifies that “Make sure it doesn’t happen again.”. Like a reminder, The company that bought Buitoni (1988) made the same statement in 2009.In that moment, Nestle found itself at the heart of a cake batter scandal: Toll House cookie dough.

American children really fall ill. and some died As a result, the company spent millions of dollars. Everything indicates that the same pattern will repeat itself in France.

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