Rigorous results in France 2? The truth appears!

As Emmanuel Macron kicks off his second term after new elections on April 24, rumors of a “stubborn” presidential election continue to stir. Having said that, the inconsistency in the temporary results shown live on France 2 raises questions. So many internet users condemn election fraud.

last week Emmanuel Macron received 58.54% of the votes, compared to 41.46% for Marine Le Pen. The former Minister of Economy has thus become 3and president to land 2 Mandate after François Mitterand and Jacques Chirac under Vand Republic. Thus, he remained the tenant of the Elise Palace until 2027. The head of state pledged to vote by membership or implicitly in the face of far-right advances. “Different governance”.

Yes, but behold, rumors aboutElection of the “stubborn” president Still producing a lot of ink Rumor has it that the National Rally candidate lost millions of votes in just a few hours. Although she admits defeat in her words But her supporters were outraged. Those who believe conspiracy theories argue. assumptions of fraud.

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France’s suspicion before the second round

Produced ahead of the first round and published on April 19, Ifop Survey for Reboot Foundation Reveal valuable information about the public’s perception of the 2022 presidential election. 14% of the French “I believe that the election will ‘Boat’s Tail'”. In other words One in ten assumes fraud is possible.

also according to this survey and reported by reporter Of TF1, 29% of Eric Zemmour supporters believe the results are insincere. 30% of Marine Le Pen voters also believe in it. It must be emphasized that these are the two candidates from the far right. However, 54% of Jean-Luc Mélenchon followers believe it is quite possible to cheat the presidential election.

This apparent distrust of the electoral process is twice the average among French citizens who are largely informed via the Internet. (24% vs. 8% through written material and 3% on radio) and among those who believe in conspiracy theories (25%).”

Millions of voices are missing for Marine Le Pen.

The numbers shown in France 2 on Sunday evening appeared to confirm the Frenchman’s suspicions. as a reminder The first scene credits Marion Marechal’s aunt near. received 14 million votes. However, Emmanuel Macron’s opponent fell. 11.6 million votes about one a.m. Without even the slightest explanation More than two million votes in support of Marine Le Pen were lost.

Many Internet users inevitably want an explanation about . Temporary inconsistency of results displayed on air despite everything But they also believe in election fraud.

french 2 speak

Contacted by AFP Christophe de Vallambras, Head of the Medialab of France, Télévisions. Want to clarify about the numbers shown in the box So he dispels the ongoing rumors of election fraud. According to his description, France 2 only shows. The numbers collected by the Ministry of Interior. Technician has actually installed Real-time display on the screen.

According to Christophe de Vallambras, Marine Le Pain is ahead of Emmanuel. Macron is one point Because she made an impression in some rural areas. in these places polling stations close early As a result, the numbers were counted faster. He later explained:

“There was absolutely no human intervention between the moment the information left the ministry and the time it arrived on screen.[…]Marine Le Pen has never received these 14 million votes. This is a machine processing error. (…) There are moments when the computer crashes. He exaggerated the numbers and unfortunately it was broadcast.”

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