This orderly sum was proposed to Maeva Ghennam to create a couple.

To everyone’s surprise, Booba will offer reality TV star Maeva Ghennam to make a fake couple. Rumor has it that the famous French rapper is ready to offer her a certain amount of money if she accepts the deal.

father of two lovely children, Booba Has no relationship with Patricia. Luna and Omar’s mother was no longer. As a result, many fans of the Duke of Boulogne thought he was now bound to conquest. Nothing is certain and one should not expect Cyril Hanuna’s friends to open up his personal life on social networks. In fact, he wanted to keep his garden a secret. Despite everything, B2O has found itself at the heart of a few rumors.

I must say that some inventors live for him. Obviously, the interpreter of scar More interested in reality TV stars As a reminder of him should be an idyll with Ines Sberro causing a lot of ink to flow, the reason ? They reportedly dated when she was a minor. The exiled French artist in Miami would also have an affair with Nabila. Recently, it was reported that this 45-year-old rapper made a big deal out of Mewa Gennam.

Maeva Ghennam and Booba in “Power Couple” ?

Very close to Nabilla, the Marseillais star often spends time with her best friends in Dubai. They usually post videos of drunken nights. In some sequences that created a buzz. Two drunk friends sing a song called Booba to release their emotions. So we can assume that they are big fans of the artist.

So it should come as no surprise that Thomas Vergara’s girlfriend has a relationship with his favorite rapper. Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. On the other hand, we know that Maeva Ghennam spent a memorable evening with B2O during her visit to Dubai. as a reminder The girl was on stage during her performance.

Apparently, they spent the night together. Recently, rumors of the duo rang again following the revelation of blogger Vaarruecos. Apparently, Booba will offer 50,000 euros to Maeva Ghennam. to create a “Power Couple”It’s more of a partnership than a true love story. In fact, they can create a product placement that will definitely grab attention.

Although it’s a pretty jackpot. But reality TV applicants would probably reject the offer. The reason ? Those who live with a tumultuous love affair with Greg Yega will assume that the tidy amount is not enough.

Booba wants to create a fake couple with Maeva Ghennam.
Booba wants to create a fake couple with Maeva Ghennam. – ©instagram/ @vaarruecos
Maeva Ghennam will decline the offer.
Maeva Ghennam will decline the offer. – ©instagram/ @vaarruecos

Bouba responds to rumors

Not surprisingly, Duke’s reaction came shortly after this massive revelation. Gims’ all-time competitor wants to make things clearer. “I have audio files too. I’m watching.”He spoke in one of his stories. He also hinted that Marc Blata will be behind the new controversy. In fact, the latter would resent the reality TV star. In this respect, he appears to be seeking revenge. Booba wants to warn Maeva Ghennam about the true intentions of the person she considers her friend.

Marc Blata will be the source of this controversy.
Marc Blata will be the source of this controversy. – ©instagram/ @oklm
Marc Blata will not resent Maeva Ghennam.
Marc Blata will not resent Maeva Ghennam. – ©instagram/ @oklm

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