Amber Heard – Johnny Depp’s Experiment: Compromising Voice Separation for Actors

A new test that is very popular among Amber. Heard and Johnny Depp, as the stars continue to separate themselves in a court in Fairfax. Virginia The audio excerpt could be a major turning point in this case. Indeed, the degree of justice may point to the favor of the performer.

Not a day goes by without a celebrity reporter talking about a former Hollywood couple. Apparently the name ofAmber Heard will be related to things for a long time Johnny Depp, and vice versa. Since April 11, the public hearing in the United States has caused a real stir. Both celebrities need at all costs to convince the jury and hence the revelation is linked.

For information on heroes of fairy tales Pirates of the Caribbean initiated this legal process. The popular American actor made the decision, according to his ex-wife’s testimony in the British tabloid The Sun. In 2018, the 36-year-old actress testified. victims of domestic violence without naming Johnny Depp

despite everything But Amber Heard’s broken revelation has tarnished the actor’s reputation. Apparently, the actress’s allegations also hurt her career. As a result, the plaintiff is demanding. $50 million in damagesHe was able to find his case after the broadcast of a highly compromising audio extract for the stars ofAquaman.

Amber Heard and Johnny  Depp parted ways in court.
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp parted ways in court. – © Photo deposit

Actress admits beating Johnny Depp

As a reminder, the 30-year-old reached a $7 million settlement for divorce from her father Lily-Rose Depp during the first highly publicized trial in August 2016. withrestraining orderbecause the woman accused her ex-husband of domestic violence Six years after this court decision The former fledgling lover finds herself in court again.

Each party is clearly committed to bring home victorySo their lawyers didn’t hesitate to paint the poor picture of their opponent. According to the revelation of J. Ben Rottenborn, who defended actor Johnny Depp, was likely a violent husband who was disturbed by his addiction. Amber Heard couldn’t have been more innocent of the matter, it seemed. that There is news that the actress has an affair with Billionaire Elon Musk While She Still Has A Relationship With Comedian

Unexpectedly, Oonagh’s mother, Paige Heard, also defecates on the wedding bed. Obviously, this is a case full of upside down. The evidence is an audio file that was revealed during the trial on April 20th. She confesses to beating Johnny Depp.. We’ve actually heard that:

I’m sorry for not slapping you properly.. I didn’t hit you. I fucking hit you! (…) I don’t know how my hands move, but you’re fine, I didn’t hurt you. What should I do? I’m not going to complain like you (…) She’s a real child. Grow up, Johnny! »

Amber Heard in bad form?

While the actress won her lawsuit in 2017, the balance may have benefited her former comrades this year. Everything indicates that she has something to blame for herself. The makeup brand’s unexpected testimony clearly tarnishes allegations of domestic violence.

Amber Heard also refused to give Johnny Depp the medication he needed, however the latter pleaded with him. He is also said to be embarrassed when she tells about him when he was out of his normal shape. In this respect, Vanessa Paradis’s past had to deal with physical and emotional violence during his time with him. show

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