Benjamin Ledig in prison? Supreme Court verdict after church dance

In view of justice, after his many provocations, Benjamin Ledig was sentenced to prison by a Paris court. It would obviously be a well-deserved throwback to his many controversial videos.

in one video Benjamin Ledig It has become the web’s #1 foe. As a reminder, TikTokeur and his best friend, Queen Paul, have swim in front of the paris church cross. Dance in the air. Couples are chained in this place of worship. It goes without saying that it was an act of disrespect and a violent reaction soon. Victim of cyberbullying, an 18-year-old man is detained at home.

but how, The Alsatians have multiplied the provocation. It targets monotheistic religions and believers after Christians. He used to attack Muslims and Jews. Apparently, no one understood his behavior and everyone was suspicious. apparently, Videographers aspire to be in the media by every means possible.. As a result, he will look for a buzz.

Faced with a troubling situation, columnist and guest Cyril Hanuna tried in vain to reason with him. Of course, Benjamin Ledig did as he pleased. But then justice was involved, so the judge condemned the influencer after his argument in Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis Church in Paris.

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Benjamin Ledig refuses to delete his controversial video.

Despite his disdain for the parishioners of the Parisian church, he was always fond of conversation. Initially, Father Vivares did not want to bring the case to court. The priest wanted the couple to delete their video. This was a request that Queen Paul was very responsive to. In fact, he later apologized. Instead, his best friend chose the provocation again.

Just like Benjamin Ledick seemed to be apologizing. He began to dance again in the church. Finally, Father Vivares held his handrail at the police station. since then His work with the law began. Faced with a wave of disrespect and harassment Influencers have filed complaints on several occasions. He also asked for police protection without agreeing to withdraw his video.

The verdict is in

No doubt his controversial videos have offended many believers, in this respect his actions should be punished. Apparently that’s one of the reasons Father Vivares took the case to court. In this case, the Paris court referred to the 1905 law as reported. work C News. This confirms that “Any activity other than worship requires permission from a priest.”

The judge in charge of the case guaranteed the difference between state and religion. Benjamin Ledick was found guilty of non-monetary damages by an interim order issued on April 22 with controversial video. together in church Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis in Paris has a TikTokeur. “Clearly undermines the cultural influence of the place.”.

In this respect, the young Alsatian has caused “moral damage” to the monks. In this process Father Vivares responded to this condemnation in a amphitheater Published on the Aletaia website, he is particularly insistent on recognizing that places of worship in France are sacred. No activity without a clear and preliminary agreement of the responsible persons must take place there. As a result, he considered this legal process. However, he condemned the many harassment and insults against Benjamin Ledig.

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