These twins who have identical girlfriends are planning to become pregnant at the same time.

These two young women are known as The “World’s Most Identical Twins” Share Everything…Even Their Boyfriends even though it looks surprising They live with the same man. They soon planned to conceive at the same time.

It’s an incredible story straight from Perth in Australia. Anna and Lucy Decinge, 35-year-old twins live under the same roof. They are totally inseparable and share absolutely everything like two girls showering together, yes, but this is the most surprising fact that they do share. same girlfriend. have a relationship with Ben Byrne For seven years the regiment always spins perfect love.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque with their boyfriends.
Anna and Lucy DeCinque with their boyfriends. – ©instagram/ @annalucydecinque

Obviously nothing can destroy this beautiful conspiracy inside this house. Which is normal to say the least. Anna and Lucy get along very well. And Ben was very interested in them. In other words, they lived in complete harmony. The three are planning to take their relationship to the next level. “The most identical twins in the world” really want pregnant at the same time.

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Genetic cousin

There is no doubt that this is a unique relationship. The story of twins marrying twins is not uncommon. For Anna and Lucy DeCinque, they fell in love with Ben Byrne. “We all have the same tastes. So of course we will like the same guy.”Assign one of them to microphone from Daily Star since then They all slept together in a large bed.

Australian Series Stars Extreme Sisters Through TLC, the brothers revealed a lot about their extraordinary daily lives. from the information transmitted They’ve paid huge bucks for cosmetic surgery to drive a lot of similarities. Their initiative yielded the desired results. because they are the same from head to toe

In addition to the external appearance Anna and Lucy still wish to carry on the same dream. “The most identical twins in the world” Are planning to have children at the same time. In this respect, Ben Byrne is under a lot of pressure. He would be the ancestor of these children, truly both. cousin.

In one episode of the Australian series Both sisters took a pregnancy test. The girl is waiting for the result with Ben. Unfortunately, no one is pregnant, despite everything having no intention of giving up. especially since Their common partner has proposed Last year. To the future father to announce to his friends:

“Anna, you mean the world to me. And I want to spend my life with you and Lucy. You mean the world to me. And I want to spend my life with you too. I love you, I love you both.”

Anna, Lucy DeCinque and Ben Byrne
Anna, Lucy DeCinque and Ben Byrne – ©instagram/ @annalucydecinque

Polygamy is prohibited in Australia.

Even if they pivot their great love, Lucy, Anna, and Ben are unable to formalize their relationship at this time. The reason? as in France Polygamy is illegal in Australia.. If both sisters can change the law. They will marry the same man without hesitation. However, the two young women have not announced that they will wait to marry before having children together.

in another register The singular relationship and the project of Lucy, Anna and Ben were not unanimous among Internet users. by any means They ignored the disdainful remarks received. Indeed, they enjoy life as they see fit. Furthermore, Jeanna, a mother of twins, has confirmed the union.. The idea that their children will be both cousins ​​and half-sisters will come from her.

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