Benjamin Ledig, a church-swimming TikTokeur, wants to publish a book to “Protect his thoughts”

While many doubted his true convictions, Benjamin Ledig has announced his upcoming project, TikTokeur, who dances in church crop tops, is about to publish a book. in this book He will tell the truth and defend his thoughts.

without a doubt Benjamin Ledig It’s been one of the loudest influencers in the past several months. Only an 18-year-old man could be a freak. In fact, he alienated most Internet users after his many controversial videos. According to his lawyer’s revelation Alsatians remain at home becauseWaves of insults and harassment Against him.

Faced with media exposure and harsh remarks, TikTokeur seemed exhausted at one point. He revealed himself in tears on the web that he wanted to end the matter. In this respect, many Internet users expected him to apologize. However, he again chose to provoke by attacking the Jews.

Apparently, Benjamin Ledig lives only for rumours. As a result, he does not hesitate to push the limits that exist in the media. In spite of everything it is clear that the young man is not lacking in imagination. he will speak his truth.

Benjamin Ledig in the writer’s movie?

It is true that Queen Paul’s apprentice Magus, who had danced with him in a Paris church, was not unanimous among Internet users. As a reminder, he provoked the believers to be Christian, Jewish or Muslim. No monotheistic religion is truly exempt. As a result, he was in a dangerous situation. His parents also found themselves involved in the matter.

It all started with a controversial video in which Benjamin Ledig dances in front of a cross. Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis Church in ParisUnsurprisingly, this sequence shocked Internet users. The parish priest initially enjoyed conversation. Only the young Alsatian did as he pleased. The monks brought the matter to court.

As expected, the Paris courts were not lenient on Benjamin Ledig, he was found guilty of moral damage. He declined to discuss and withdrew his controversial video. Perhaps weighed in on the balance. However, the nature of his sentence has yet to be revealed. However, the headmaster involved can say more about this in his book.

yes after many disrespectful actThe influencer will now publish a book for tell his truth. Apparently, he counts. protect the idea about the criticisms and observations he receives on a daily basis. Many people inevitably responded after announcing his project, Lou Pernaut was especially sarcastic: “I’m going to wash the floor.”So she referred to the controversial TikTokeur sequence in which he used a rag copy of the Quran.

TikTokeur is no longer welcomed in TPMP .

As Cyril Hanuna’s regular speaker on the C8 talk show, Benjamin Ledig continues to disappoint. Again, it’s about his outrageous videoHowever, Baba and some of his guests, such as Mohammed from Koh Lanta, tried to reason with him in vain, thus the host of the show decided to remove him from the show entirely. For those who want to be present in the media The boycott could cost him a lot.

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