Emmanuel Macron’s 1999 video reappears.

The French decide: Emmanuel Macron begins his second term. In addition to members of the government The President of the Republic can also trust its main ally Jean-Pierre. Chevenmont as well The video file dating from 1999 also publicly shows the future head of state during the former minister’s speech.

This course is far from simple, but Emmanuel Macron succeeded in tackling each nation’s problems, which were more complex than the next. It is undeniable that the daily difficulty has increased since the start of the mandate. yellow vest movement covid-19 pandemic or the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, for example. Despite a unanimous decision, Enarque remains Élysée’s tenant for another five years.

After the second round of presidential elections Now that France is preparing for legislative elections, Brigitte’s husband hopes to win a majority in parliament without a doubt. A few months before this event The head of state counted more on his allies to achieve this goal. In particular, he may turn Jean-Pierre Chevenement that is returning to the political circle

former left-wing minister Just released the movement: Republican Reform In support of Emmanuel Macron, the 83-year-old politician has nothing but admiration for the current tenant of Élysée. It appears to reciprocate, as evidenced by a picture of the future president during a speech by former Belfort mayor.

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The second term promises to be complicated.

After the defeat of Marine Le Pain and his re-election The former financial inspector intends to continue with the revival and revival plans. However, this second five-year term is not unanimous in French politics. Many people still criticize his every move. At the microphone of Léa Salamé and Vice Nicolas Demorand. french rebellion, François Ruffin do not hesitate to call him “Half Holland”.

There is no doubt that Emmanuel Macron will have to prove himself once again. Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, many French people have implicitly voted or become members to advance the extremist rights. In this respect, many are waiting for it. The next confrontation is a legislative election.

Emmanuel Macron, former sympathizer of Jean-Pierre Scheveningen.

about legislative elections The former presidential candidate hopes to enforce coexistence with Elysée’s current tenants if the party leader french rebellion This goal is achieved after June 19, Macron’s plans are subject to review. while Jean-Luc Melengchon is leaving the pawnshop, and Jean-Pierre Chevenmont reaches out to Brigitte’s husband.

This was apparently a return of favor from the former senator. In effect, Emmanuel Macron is one of his supporters.. picture of summer university by Jean-Pierre Chevènement reappears. In this video file released to the Daily, we see the 21-year-old future president with a smile on his face.

The former interior minister planned to introduce Republican demands to the president’s majority through the Refoundation Refoundation movement, so Jean-Pierre Chevènement held his hopes on Emmanuel Macron, who could. “To prolong the country and give meaning to politics”.

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