This sentence of Marine Le Pain that shames political parties.

As Marine Le Pen talks about her famous father during a television interview. Her words were diverted. Suddenly, some journalists investigated to clarify. They can find out more after the RN deputy interview.

after the second round Marine Le Pen Once again lost to his all-time rival Emmanuel Macron. Yes, France has decided. And the former economy minister will begin a new five-year term. Like the current Élysée tenant, the National Rally’s candidate is contemplating elections for the Legislature. However, many media outlets are still analyzing the daughter’s interference in television. Jean-Marie Le Pen

One interview caught the attention of the political media in particular. This is a show received by Bruce Toussaint on BFM TV. During an interview Marion Maréchal’s aunt talks about her father. I don’t want anything else in belgium newspaper free To select a title: Marine Le Pain: ‘If I win, I’ll be at the Élysée’ for a shocking article since then His words caused a lot of ink to flow out.

Faced with this situation, the gray areas were presented in a clear light. social magazine Conducting an investigation as part of a report on Marine Le Pen’s comrades, the RN deputy governor returned to the televised exchange and in particular. This sentence provoked many reactions.

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Marine Le Pen’s words changed.

Not surprisingly, Emmanuel Macron supporters and other Internet users Massively share articles from Belgian newspapers. freeOn the other hand, this one does not appear in the French press except on the site. audienceour report colleague of liberation. As the debate between the two rounds draws to a close, Marine Le Pen appears to be the most wanted candidate. gave his father a political role.

From this little phrase from his daughter, Jean-Marie Le Pain, the founder of the National Front, could even claim a position in government. However, the reality is quite different. At a reporter’s microphone on BFM TV, the RN candidate recently answered his interlocutor’s question to Bruce Toussaint to explain:

“On April 24th, imagine you won the presidential election. Two weeks later, there was a transfer of power with Emmanuel Macron. You entered the Elysée that day, were your relatives around you? Your father?”

To which Marine Le Pen bluntly replied: “I think yes, it’s quite traditional. always have my relatives and I am my father’s daughter.”In addition, RN deputy Thierry Mariani returned to the politician’s famous sentence in the column of Society magazine. “Oh, you said that? when ? not my family You have to ask them…”he replied.

What is his relationship with his father?

The relationship between Jean-Marie Le Pain and his daughter is far from a serene river. While he remains politically active, he has now stepped slightly out of the spotlight to make way for former deputy governor of Paris, Marine Le Pain, from the party he founded. He was proud of the results of the RN candidates in the second round, for her part. The latter split the revelation about her father in HQ campaigns show with Gillom PhliAfter a long silence, she said:

“He’s going to be 94 years old, my father, so I don’t think it’s the age we’re going to argue with. We finally tried (…) I used to say that between my father and me it was like a sunny Breton sky several times a day. (…) We definitely love each other very much. he is my father i am his daughter There is no controversy about it.”

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